Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steven Seagal.....A Police Officer

Ok so I opened my internet this afternoon went to and read Steven Seagal a deputized police officer in New Orleans. I had to laugh! A&E is going to even give him a show as they follow him around as a cop!!!! This should be good....What do you guys think about this new role!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Sold unit 2414 Aventura Marina

It was a crazy week but we got the deal done! Just sold a beautiful unit at Aventura Marina condo 2 in Aventura, FL. This unit features a private elevator with panoramic views of the bay,ocean, marina, golf course and city skyline. Unit features 2/2.5 plus den, spacious living room, formal dining room eat-in breakfast area. Kitchen has fine Italian cabinetry w/ granite countertop, separate laundry room with washer & dryer. Floor to ceiling glass, 2 balconies. Aventura Marina features a private entrance with guard gate, fitness center, heated swimming pool, sauna, massage room, card room with in a walking distance to shops, restaurants,tennis courts,park and much more.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rules to Blogging!!

Do you have a blog?.....Do you just blog? Or do you blog and visit others blogs? When I first got into blogging (which has only been about 6 months) I would just blog on my Activerain account with out taking time to read any other post online that was not mine! As I started to get more and more into blogging I found myself surfing the web reading hundreds of blogs a week..... (I mainly go to Real Estate and make money online blogs) I have noticed that there are many blogger's that post on their blog and never seem to care to respond to those who make comments on their post! I would visit a few so called big blogs post questions or responses to what was said and never heard so much as a thank you or response to my question! I then found a few blogs (bloging tips and to name a few.....both these blogs are great for tips and news and both are great as they comment on your post) I would reply to what they wrote and not only get a fast response but a comment on my blog post! As I began to do more research I found that there were somewhat rules and regulations to blogging (or common courtesy, Please feel to add to my list as well as pros and cons)

What I found was:

Bloggers hate spammers (don’t reply with Great Post and name of your site)
Be nice when you comment (please do not bash others sites/blogs as this can lead to trouble)
Please be sure to visit the blogs of those who post about you or comment on your post
Do not copy and paste others info, comments or blog post (we work hard to come up with some of this stuff….lol…at least I do)
Do not use images that are not yours or will make your readers gag
Be sure to have fun and not let money be your primary goal.

I would like to thank the few readers I have for taking the time to read my post; I encourage all comments that can better help me with my blog and that can add to this post!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Website!

ok, So for the few that read my blog I turn to you for some advice! I am in the process of building a new site This will be my new website for Miami Beach Real Estate and South Florida Real Estate. I turn to the blogging community for some much needed advice and input! I ask that you take a moment to visit my site and please post a few comments with some feedback on pros and cons!

P.S I am still working on it.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging Tips!

Blogging Tips!

Blog? What is a blog? That was me about a year ago; all I could hear and read about was how people had Online Blogs! One day as I got home from work I heard my mother say "oh I love my new blog" That is when I said to myself "Jose, your mom has a blog, you need a blog!!" so I started my quest for an online blog. Later that afternoon after I was done sending a few emails I went online and started to read up on blogging. I soon found myself in front of the laptop for hours reading on ways to make money with your blog, new business, meet people, Etc. As I was browsing through some blogs I came across one that was very interesting to me.... Shaun Judy is a father who has turned to online blogging in an effort to help others make money online and with ranking there blogs with and other web search engines. I am nowhere near or some of the other blogs, but hope to one day be number one on google!
Please visit Shaun for blogging tips, information and a few good posts!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Miami Beach Million Dollar Home Burns

Image courtesy of

I was on my way to the office this morning driving down the causeway when I noticed lots of smoke coming from the Beach!! As I got closer I noticed that the famous North Bay Road Castle was on fire. In disbelief I tried to get colder but was quickly stopped by Miami Beach Police and Fire. For many who do not know, The North Bay Road Castle is a famous 10 bedroom 7 bath homes that sits on the bay. The home was currently listed for sale at 6.9 Million with One Sotheby’s Int’l Realty.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Farewell

Millions showed for tickets and thousands lined the staples center to pay respect and bid farewell to the King Of Pop. Not age, sex, race or religion could separate the love and support fans showed. It seems that every corner I turn there is someone talking about how there first slow dance with Michael, first kiss, the Friday nights spent near the jukebox and record player listening to Jackson 5, and the famous Is this a movie? or music video? question when you saw Thriller for the first time. Many of us, even those who did not enjoy his music have found our selves at one point doing the moon walk or thriller dance. As I got home this afternoon and turned on the TV the first thing I saw was his daughter giving a tear full speech on how much she loved her father, Michael was a musician, entertainer, and businessman who changed the way of music and dance as we know it. As I watch the world say its farewell to the King of Pop, I get goose bumps as I know that I am living trough history, History that will be written in text books and history that will continue to play for generations to come.