Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging Tips!

Blogging Tips!

Blog? What is a blog? That was me about a year ago; all I could hear and read about was how people had Online Blogs! One day as I got home from work I heard my mother say "oh I love my new blog" That is when I said to myself "Jose, your mom has a blog, you need a blog!!" so I started my quest for an online blog. Later that afternoon after I was done sending a few emails I went online and started to read up on blogging. I soon found myself in front of the laptop for hours reading on ways to make money with your blog, new business, meet people, Etc. As I was browsing through some blogs I came across one that was very interesting to me.... Shaun Judy is a father who has turned to online blogging in an effort to help others make money online and with ranking there blogs with and other web search engines. I am nowhere near or some of the other blogs, but hope to one day be number one on google!
Please visit Shaun for blogging tips, information and a few good posts!

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  1. I know Shaun's blog. But if you want a list of top bloggers for blogging tips let me know and I'll send it you by email.