Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Farewell

Millions showed for tickets and thousands lined the staples center to pay respect and bid farewell to the King Of Pop. Not age, sex, race or religion could separate the love and support fans showed. It seems that every corner I turn there is someone talking about how there first slow dance with Michael, first kiss, the Friday nights spent near the jukebox and record player listening to Jackson 5, and the famous Is this a movie? or music video? question when you saw Thriller for the first time. Many of us, even those who did not enjoy his music have found our selves at one point doing the moon walk or thriller dance. As I got home this afternoon and turned on the TV the first thing I saw was his daughter giving a tear full speech on how much she loved her father, Michael was a musician, entertainer, and businessman who changed the way of music and dance as we know it. As I watch the world say its farewell to the King of Pop, I get goose bumps as I know that I am living trough history, History that will be written in text books and history that will continue to play for generations to come.



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