Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rules to Blogging!!

Do you have a blog?.....Do you just blog? Or do you blog and visit others blogs? When I first got into blogging (which has only been about 6 months) I would just blog on my Activerain account with out taking time to read any other post online that was not mine! As I started to get more and more into blogging I found myself surfing the web reading hundreds of blogs a week..... (I mainly go to Real Estate and make money online blogs) I have noticed that there are many blogger's that post on their blog and never seem to care to respond to those who make comments on their post! I would visit a few so called big blogs post questions or responses to what was said and never heard so much as a thank you or response to my question! I then found a few blogs (bloging tips and to name a few.....both these blogs are great for tips and news and both are great as they comment on your post) I would reply to what they wrote and not only get a fast response but a comment on my blog post! As I began to do more research I found that there were somewhat rules and regulations to blogging (or common courtesy, Please feel to add to my list as well as pros and cons)

What I found was:

Bloggers hate spammers (don’t reply with Great Post and name of your site)
Be nice when you comment (please do not bash others sites/blogs as this can lead to trouble)
Please be sure to visit the blogs of those who post about you or comment on your post
Do not copy and paste others info, comments or blog post (we work hard to come up with some of this stuff….lol…at least I do)
Do not use images that are not yours or will make your readers gag
Be sure to have fun and not let money be your primary goal.

I would like to thank the few readers I have for taking the time to read my post; I encourage all comments that can better help me with my blog and that can add to this post!


  1. Hey Jose I see that you're now getting more into writing posts about blogging huh? Cool men you're now one of the gang.

    You know that I have never seen someone copy my info to comment on a blog. I hope I never get to see it.

    Jose I really recommend you to move to wordpress, get a great but free theme and I assure you that you'll get a greater response to your blog.

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me.

  2. Thank you very much! I am looking to make the switch soon to wordpress, Who should I use for hosting?

  3. I have been after you to switch for how long now? You just love to pay that high dollar for crap hosting you got.

    Hey Asswass I need some ideas to WOP about...Got any that could help drive some new readers towards me?

  4. @Shaunjudy Blogspot is Free! I have been trying to hang on before I make the switch as I wanted to get a feel for blogging! Soon my bolg will be for right now it links to my site


  5. Hey..
    So, blogspot Vs. WP ??
    The battle continues..!!

    I too was very confused about it..!!

    So, what all you would be blogging about..??
    just real estates..??

  6. @jammy thanks for visiting my blog.....On my blog I will be blogging a little bit about everything (Real Estate and A lille bit of what is on my mind)I am going to give Wordpress a shot and will let you guys know via a post!

  7. Agree with Asswass. Try to get a self-hosted Wordpress if you're getting interest in blogging. =)

  8. @Jacob Yap....Thanks! I will make the switch!

  9. Thank you very much! I am looking to make the switch soon to wordpress, Who should I use for hosting?

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